In today’s digital age, keeping your business safe from cyber threats is as important as locking your doors at night. At Brotherly Technology, we work with a network of leading cybersecurity partners, including SentinelOne, to protect your business. SentinelOne’s recent report on a new type of cyber threat, hypervisor ransomware, highlights why our services are essential.


Let’s break that down a bit. Imagine your business computer systems as an apartment building. Each apartment (or virtual machine) runs on a shared building infrastructure (the hypervisor). Now, this new ransomware is like a burglar who doesn’t just break into one apartment but targets the whole building at once. SentinelOne’s report shows that cybercriminals increasingly use this ‘hypervisor ransomware’ to attack businesses.


SentinelOne’s experts warn, “The recent advent of hypervisor-focused ransomware marks a significant and concerning evolution in the cyber threat landscape.” They further clarify, “Many businesses are in the practice of not securing their ‘buildings’ (hypervisors) adequately, focusing instead on individual ‘apartments’ (VMs). An approach that only focuses on the ‘building’ is risky, as an attack on the ‘building’ can paralyze all ‘apartments.'”


At Brotherly Technology, we work with partners like SentinelOne and others to protect your ‘building’ and ‘apartments.’ We look at your entire IT ‘property,’ securing every part from possible attacks.


We’re ramping up our security strategies in response to this emerging threat. We’re focusing on protecting individual ‘apartments’ and ensuring the ‘building’ is secure based on best practices from our cybersecurity partners.


To our existing clients, our partnerships with industry leaders like SentinelOne provide us with the latest tools and knowledge to protect your business against new threats like hypervisor ransomware. We’re committed to staying on top of the latest cyber threats to keep your business secure.


Brotherly Technology is your trusted partner if you’re a business owner looking for solid cybersecurity solutions. Faced with new threats like hypervisor ransomware, our collaborative approach with industry-leading partners ensures comprehensive, top-of-the-line defense strategies tailored to your needs.


Navigating the world of cybersecurity might seem daunting, but with Brotherly Technology and our network of trusted partners by your side, you can rest easy knowing your business is protected. Contact us today to learn how our services can help secure your business.