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This company makes you feel like family.

– Chris Rankin, The Rankin Firm LLP


We’ve Been IT Since 1996: A Legacy of Tech Solutions

Let’s be honest, we’re total tech nerds—and we love it. From the latest gadgets to cybersecurity puzzles, our team gets a kick out of solving your tech challenges. Why? Because we’re passionate about making technology accessible and secure for everyone. So when you team up with us, know you’re working with folks who are as excited about IT as you are about your business.

Hey there, welcome to Brotherly Technology! We’re your local tech superheroes, headquartered in the heart of Rome, GA. Curious about how we got here? Picture this: It’s 1996, and we’ve just spent all our summer cash on a used IBM PC. Only problem? It doesn’t even turn on! But, instead of sulking, that mishap fueled a passion for all things tech.

After some hustle, we bought out a local PC Repair shop. Suddenly, our quest to fix that old clunker of a PC became something bigger. It wasn’t long before we became the tech lifeline for businesses and individuals alike, right here in our own backyard.

As we got comfortable with hardware, we took a leap into the world of software. We even crafted a software solution that got picked up by a huge bank, revolutionizing how they process small loans. Flashy, we know! But our heart always belonged to helping the little guys, the small to medium businesses. That’s why we expanded into web design, social media marketing, and let’s not forget—cybersecurity.

You see, we’re not just tech aficionados; we’re perpetual learners. To make sure you feel confident in choosing us, we’re fully insured and continuously invest in upskilling our team. Whether it’s the latest in AI or mastering blockchain, we’re always evolving to provide you the best service possible.

With 27 years in the game, we have a solid handle on most everything tech. Whether you’re a Windows purist or a Mac enthusiast, whether you need to set up a small office printer or configure an enterprise-level network, we’ve got the chops to make it happen. And don’t get us started on our social media marketing skills and web design prowess—we can make your business shine online.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the rapid changes in technology, consider us your tech anchor. We aim to simplify complex problems and provide solutions that are tailored to you. We’re not just your average tech company; we’re a part of your community, and we care about making life easier for you.

So when the tech world gets too complicated, just remember that Brotherly Technology is only a call or click away. Let’s tackle your tech challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities for growth. We’re here for you, always.

Brotherly Technology Timeline

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Virus & Spyware Cleanup Done Right

Data Recovery & Backups You Can Trust

Network Design That Fits Like a Glove

Cloud Services That Go Beyond Storage

Cyber Security That's Got Your Back

Remote Monitoring: We're on It, So You Don't Have to Be

SaaS Protection & SPAM Filtering: Security You Can Count On

Microsoft Productivity Solutions: Amp Up Your Game

Why Choose Us: More Than Just Tech Support

Here at Brotherly Technology, we go beyond fixing tech issues; we build meaningful relationships. From day one, we’re all in—listening to your needs, breaking down the jargon, and offering solutions that truly make sense for your business. So why us? Because we blend tech expertise with a personal touch, making your IT journey smooth, secure, and even a little fun. With us, you’re not just a client, you’re a valued partner.

We’re not just any IT shop—we’re your neighbors, and we care. The moment you team up with us, you’ll feel like part of the family. We make tech easy to understand and even fun. And hey, we’re not just about fixing problems; we’re about building relationships. With us, you’re not just a client, you’re a partner. We bring tech solutions with a human touch to make a real impact. So, why choose us? Because with Brotherly Technology, you’re choosing a team that truly cares.

We’re all about more than just fixing computers. We’re your tech buddies who greet you with a high-five and a smile, making sure your IT woes don’t add to life’s complexities.

Confused by tech lingo? No worries. We’re your translators, making all things tech easy-peasy. We focus on what matters to you, keeping your best interests front and center.

With us, you’re never just a number or an account. You’re our partner, and we take that seriously. We offer personalized support that fits you like a glove, and we genuinely want to simplify your life.

In an industry that can feel as impersonal as a server room, think of us as your cozy corner café of tech. You’re not just getting technical support; you’re joining a community where everybody knows your name—and cares about your success. So, ready to make tech hassle-free? We’re here to tackle the tricky stuff.


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