Meet Your Personal IT Crew

This company makes you feel like family.

– Chris Rankin, The Rankin Firm LLP


We’ve Been IT Since 1996: A Legacy of Tech Solutions

We’re total tech nerds—and we love it. From the latest gadgets to cybersecurity puzzles, our team gets a kick out of solving your tech challenges. Why? Because we’re passionate about making technology accessible and secure for everyone. So when you team up with us, know you’re working with folks who are as excited about your IT as you are about whatever get you excited about your business.

Hello there, welcome to Brotherly Technology! We’re your local tech superheroes, headquartered in the heart of Rome, GA. Curious about how we got here?

Picture this: It’s 1996, and we’ve just spent all our summer cash on a used IBM PC. Only problem? It doesn’t even turn on! But, instead of sulking, that mishap sparked a passion for all things tech.

After some hustle, we bought out a local PC Repair shop. Suddenly, our quest to fix that old clunker of a PC became something bigger. It wasn’t long before we became the tech lifeline for businesses and individuals alike, right in our own backyard.

As we got comfortable with hardware and figured out the value of sleepless nights fueled by numerous sodas like Moutain Dew and Surge, we took a leap into the world of software programming. We even crafted a software solution that got picked up by a huge bank, revolutionizing how they processed small loans. Flashy, we know!

But our heart always belonged to small businesses. The people that helped us to get to where we were and that most of the time, really needed the most help. So we started local again. We took the business into web design and social media marketing. We went from local to international in short order. This pushed us to get better than ever and learn new ways of doing almost everything to keep up with our customers’ demands.

As we continued learning and growing, we wanted to find ways to give back. That’s when we started more outreach programs. We were traveling everywhere from speaking at conferences like SourceCon helping teach others how to find and hire the best talent to Game Developers Conference where we dug in on emerging technologies (and fueled our nerdly desires).

We were growing so fast and had so many irons in the fire, but we never could had predicted how the world was about to change when COVID-19 hit. The Pandemic pushed us to make many changes in our business model. We had to adapt our in-office services to a more remote-friendly model. We would never have guessed that by doing so, not only were we able to sustain our support, but we even discovered innovative ways of making an impact with our clients.

You see, we’re not just tech aficionados; we’re perpetual learners. We adapt to whatever changes technology and our clients throw at us. Not only do we focus on being compliant and make sure that we are fully insured, we also continuously invest in upskilling our team so they can have the skills needed to help you.

With over 27 years in the technology game, we have a solid handle on most everything tech and are constantly learning so we can figure out the rest.

So, whether you’re a Windows purist or a Mac enthusiast, whether you need to set up a small office printer or configure an enterprise-level network, we’ve got the chops to make it happen. We are the silent guardian in the background watching over and protecting your business from threats and keeping your technology updated so you can sleep at night. And don’t get us started on our social media marketing skills and web design prowess—we can make your practice or business shine online like a beacon of hope for your customers.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the rapid changes in technology, we ask you to consider us to be your tech anchor. We aim to simplify complex problems and provide solutions that are tailored to you. We’re not your average tech company; we’re a part of your community, and we care about making life easier for you.

When the tech world gets too complicated, just remember that Brotherly Technology is only a call or click away. Let us tackle your tech challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities for your business’ growth.

We’re here for you, always.

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