As a covered entity, navigating legal requirements is part of your operational foundation, especially when HIPAA compliance is heavily intertwined with your IT infrastructure. IT can’t be a second thought. At Brotherly Technology, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your compliance needs are not left to advisors lacking in tech expertise, helping your practice maintain compliance effectively.

With the evolving landscape of HIPAA regulations, non-compliance and data breaches can potentially cost your practice up to $1.5 million. And it’s worth noting, even in the absence of any complaints or breaches involving Patient Health Information (PHI), the Health and Human Services (HHS) has the authority to audit your practice anytime. While HIPAA’s complexities might seem daunting, they’re manageable with the right support. Brotherly Technology’s HIPAA Consulting services are designed to simplify this complexity. We provide server encryption, Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices, setup of encrypted email, tailored solutions for your specific needs, thorough security analysis, and most importantly, a partnership with an IT expert who not only understands the intricacies of HIPAA requirements but knows precisely how to implement them for your practice.